A ‘green pill’ manifesto for societal rebirth

The journey from an unholy and impure society to a holy and pure one

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Tomorrow at the Friends’ Institute buildings in Birmingham I am giving an opening talk on The Green Pill, which I dived into in a previous article. Here are my speaker notes turned into prose.

Each of us is on a journey of unlearning the values of our deceptive and debased culture, and learning what is real and righteous.

My own journey started in the tech industry, with a search for fundamental principles in computer science. I then found myself writing about corruption and propaganda, with a search for lies — so we can better perceive truth. Then I became an artist and photographer, which is a search for beauty. And what is next is a search for wellbeing and happiness.

This is my own journey from the ‘red pill’ from the ‘green pill’.

The phrase ‘red pill’ comes from the movie The Matrix. It is when some anomaly in our life makes us begin to query an accepted norm or belief. The ‘glitch in the matrix’ could be a story in the press that doesn’t add up, a wrong done to you or your family that doesn’t get resolved, or a trauma that sensitises you to narcissists and psychopaths.

When you take the ‘red pill’, you begin questioning, researching, and networking to explore the problem of deceit. This is when you go down the ‘rabbit hole’, and look beyond the ready-made scapegoats, like ‘capitalists’ or ‘communists’ or ‘extremists’. You start to see how systemic criminality is all connected, and join the dots for yourself. The overall picture of how the world really works begins to emerge, and it is often an ugly one.

The ‘red pill’ causes us to accept painful realities, with betrayal by those we most trusted. Children are widely trafficked by paedophiles, with the complicity of the state. Courts treat us as dead property, being rigged against ordinary people. Politicians and entertainers and blackmailed and threatened by crooked intelligence agencies. The pharmaceutical industry knowingly poisons us for profit. Schools indoctrinate the next generation to normalise the wrongs of the present.

Taking the ‘red pill’ also exposes you to hidden truths, as well as lies. Our history has been changed and key events covered up. Important technologies have been suppressed, like electroculture of food. We are denied the benefits of healing via frequencies and light. It is not all woe; there are wonders, too.

Becoming aware of the scale of the deception and depravity can be a scary and lonely experience. We want other people to also see the lies, and wake up to the corruption and subversion. There is a natural urge to spread the word to protect the innocent, which drives a desire to overcome our fear of being smeared as a ‘conspiracy theorist’, ‘anti-vaxxer’, or ‘fringe nutcase’. Real persecution can be the result of bravely speaking out. You can easily be censored, rejected by family and friends, lose your career, or be targeted by authorities.

My own ‘red pill’ journey was very located in the mind, what with me being a recovering intellectual. I abandoned my tech career, my book was banned twice, I was kicked off most social media, I was smeared in the national press, and my own children were turned against me. The pain of being an activist and dissident against pervasive corruption is very real.

That pain exists because the ‘red pill’ is a limiting paradigm. It puts the problem ‘out there’: we are the victim, someone else is the persecutor, and we wait for the rescuer. That is disempowering and dispiriting, and can lead to a ‘long dark night of the soul’. Eventually we gain resilience, and start to re-centre ourselves and rebuild our lives.

So how can we re-empower ourselves, where we are the solution to the problem, and not helpless victims? That is the ‘green pill’!

This is founded on four pillars: being sovereign, strong, secure, and spiritual. By acting on each one, we slowly turn from ugly problems, that repel others, to beautiful solutions, that attract them.

To be sovereign is the opposite of being a slave, whether the chains are of metal or of debt. A sovereign being is divine, and of infinite worth, with inalienable rights. Sovereigns live in freedom, but accept that it comes with responsibility too.

To be strong is to take ownership of our own health. We stop using the ‘sick care’ model, unless we have a burn or broken bone. Instead we adopt a ‘well care’ approach, that prevents illness in the first place. We eliminate the toxins entering our mind and body; food, water, and air purity are our priority.

To be safe means having greater independence from centralised systems, especially energy and water, that can be turned off and weaponised. We must protect ourselves and our property using our own means, not dependent on state actors. Up your game at maintenance: repair before you replace; own the essentials, don’t rent them. Educate yourself about the risks of our world, and manage them wisely.

To be spiritual demands that we learn how evil operates, so we are not seduced by it or driven by our shadow self. We each must identify and apply our gifts, especially creative or caring ones. Shift from fear towards love as the motivator in all your do. Elevate your consciousness so you feel how all is connected; seek unity over duality.

I was forced to ‘green pill’ myself after taking the ‘red pill’. To be spiritual, when I had no money I took up photography, and people liked it, so I became an artist. To be safe, I stopped using intoxicants and taking risks with my wellbeing. To be strong, I started eating superfood breakfasts and cutting out sugary snacks. To be sovereign, I ended my compliance with slavery like council tax — at a cost!

The ‘red pill’ shows us how we have been living in a Satanic slave society. We are told we are free when we are put into invisible chains of mind, culture, money, schooling, propaganda, religion, and medicine. That is to say… “the matrix”. Satanism is inversion: “accuse the victim of being the criminal”, good is bad, truth is falsehood.

Satanic values are everywhere in society; it is a multiple generation project to escape from this nightmare. “Upside down” to “right way up” is a journey in terms of both morality and truth. The end state is a world of safe, strong, spiritual, sovereigns — and the complete eradication of slavery in every form. But it doesn’t have to wait for a financial reset, military takeover, or war crimes tribunals.

Know your enemy: that is to take the ‘red pill’ and understand the broken system and how it is unholy, unclean, and impure.

Know your destiny: that is to take the ‘green pill’ and embrace your personal solution that is holy, clean, and pure.

Know your journey: that is today’s event, where we seek to take the smallest step along the road. To be sovereign, break the system via one act of defiance. To be strong, stop using one poison in your life. To be safe, take one step to protect your family. To be spiritual, adopt one daily practise to raise your vibe.

We are in a room of freedom fighters and wellness warriors. Some speakers are focused more on the red pill side, and others more on the green pill. Neither is better, both are needed together. To make things right we must first grasp what is wrong.

It is easy to dwell on the big problems, but progress comes from small solutions applied with perseverance over time. Today is a chance to ask ourselves what that one thing is we can each do to deliver a safe, strong, spiritual, and sovereign future.