A freedom outing to not-so-sunny Sunderland

The action we need to take is local, because that is literally where we make a stand

Old man and young man

I used to go to National Trust properties for days out, or have walks in the hills. Nowadays, my “leisure” outings tend to be to protest events around the country. There were demonstrations in Edinburgh, Manchester, London, and Cardiff yesterday, and but for an urgent delivery keeping me at home I would have gone to Wales for a change.

Instead, I attended a street gathering in Sunderland, a small city just south of Newcastle upon Tyne. Its centre has the “classical neo-communist” feel of many British towns post-WW2, and suffers from significant social and economic deprivation.

Building ULED

The headline picture is from when people were arriving still. Jacko on the left has just got out of prison, is homeless, and was proud of the £500 pilfered jacket he was wearing. He was also drunk, as was his friend John, who could barely speak he was so inebriated. Jacko had lost both parents at the same time to fentanyl. He spent his time in prison meditating and reading the Bible.

I can tell that deep down that while he is a very damaged person, he is not a malicious one, even if he might do inadvisable things when raging at the world. He said his ambition was to start a soup kitchen for homeless people. He was also wide awake to the corruption in the world. Knowing how bad things are is painful, and a lot turn to drink and drugs to dull the agony.

No jabs for kids

While evil has a face, there are always powers behind the puppets.

Man wearing sneakers holding microphone

Tez rapped out truth about the quaxxine clotshot, and a passerby shouted “that’s a conspiracy, and I’m still richer than you”. You cannot make it up! It is a conspiracy. And the worship of money will be the undoing of many.

WHO wants to rule the world

Apparently it’s extremist literature, and disapproved of by the establishment, so you know it must be good!

C-19 COVID vaccine victims

I wish we were apologising for having raised a false alarm. Instead, we face a disability, death, and infertility catastrophe.

Protesters in front of UK Poundland store

You never know who will turn up to listen. This stuff sinks in.

Smart cities digital prisons

Some hard-hitting truths.

Digital ID digital money digital slavery

It all comes back to money.

Died suddenly the new normal

People who give up endless free time to save their fellow man from harm are heroes.

I do not consent my body my choice

The next generation of freedom fighters. Although she might need a bit of counselling on symbolism!

Elderly lady walking in front of protesters

Repetition, weekend after weekend, drives the message home and undoes the brainwashing from masks and lockdowns.

6 people 6 foot part 6 months

Literacy in the occult and numerology is critical, even if unfashionable.

Lady walking dog in front of protesters

There is a real psychological impact of having a group, which breaks the mass psychosis.

Two boys pointing up

They don’t know it yet, but we do it for them.

Fighting for our children and yours too

The anchor message it all hangs off.

Your government wants you dead

Yet so few can see.

Live saving defibrillator

Quid erat demonstrandum.

Connected the dots

It’s all so sad. I am struggling a bit with the cumulative trauma of the past few years.

CCTV monitoring

Surveillance nation.

We are a safe space

Shouldn’t it all be a safe space?


Pawnbrokers, betting shops, charity shops, mortgage advisor, and special credit deals on basics. How could you tell if the usurers took over society?

Sunderland station metro

I hope that gave you a taste of freedom fighter life in the English regions.

Microphone close up
Many thanks to those who equipped me with a Fujifilm 23mm 1.4 super duper lens.