A calendar for the craziest time in history

No predictions, forecasts, or divinations should be inferred!

Tony Fauci for Nuremberg 2.0

As I bumble my way through social media, I capture any posts that have future dates, and put them into my calendar. I do it without judgment or attachment, it is just data gathering. If a pattern emerges, so be it. If I have some forewarning of events, that’s nice. We are at war, and the fog of confusion blankets everything. None of this is meant for detailed navigation, only general orientation. Below is everything I have captured for the next few months, since they are looking momentous.

The data starts from 13th August since many foreshadowed events are on the Julian calendar, which is 13 days behind the Gregorian one. So an event listed for the 13th (Julian) could happen today (26th) Gregorian; it’s not really “in the past”, but the present. There may be other calendars in play: lunar, solar, spiritual, financial, Ethiopian, Mayan, Chinese, Hebrew, perhaps even French Revolutionary! So just because I have attached the denotation of one date to the operation of another date doesn’t mean I have understood the original intention.

Items in bold are astronomical events or religious festivals, whose calendar timing is fixed and not open to interpretation. Items in italics already happened, just for completeness. Links often expire; all were live at the time of posting. Take this all as “interesting entertainment” and if anything comes of it, that’s a bonus.

13th August: New Year

14th August: HeartbeatLondon falls

15th August: Gold standard, Anniversary of “WOW!” ET signal.

16th August: HHH/888 Double Takedown

17th August: DeclasIndictments

18th August: Liquidity pool day

19th August: Cage fightSpiritual New Year

20th August: Riot

22nd August: 777Sea of RedBRICS currency

23rd August: Done in 30 begins

24th August: Five planets retrograde inc MercuryXRP moons

25th August: VK — dataMoonshot

26th August: VK — water

30th August/31st August (depends on time zone you are in): Super Blue MoonVK — Switch

1st September: Death of Ethereum (original post deleted, no link)

9th September: VK — finger

12th September: EO13848 ends (no link), Ripple gag order ends (no link), Ethiopian (i.e. traditional Christian) New Year

13th September: Hyperbolic cometVK — finger moves

15th September: GFC anniversary (I am blocked, cannot view post), New moon

16th September: Anniversary of Lincoln enacting martial law

17th September: WW3 (it’s a movie)

19th September: Ripple birthday

20th September: The StormXRP 589 weeks old

23rd September: Ten years until eclipse 2033End of the world as we know itPlanet XRapture, Worldwide rally for freedom 13.0

25th September: Yom KippurDurhamGod shows up

27th September: The Prophet’s Birthday

29th September: (1+1)9th = Fryday VK — Storm

2nd October: Debt ceiling collapseGovernment shutdownMidnight — Mr Pool

4th October: Feast of St FrancisEmergency alert test

5th October: Start of 10 days of darkness (calendar reset)

14th October: EclipseNew moon

26th October: Marburg pandemic

28th October: Justice servedQ 6th anniversaryFull moon

11th November: VK — redline

22nd November: 10/10 wins

23rd November: Russia attacks GermanyEnd the endlessThanksgiving

13th December: Alien invasion

21st December: Jesus returns

Sounds like an action-packed autumn ahead! Enjoy…