2024 is the final battle… to love yourself

The war is as much against our own demons as worldly wickedness

Mother is a person who would do anything to protect her children

Many things happened in 2023, but also much did not transpire. We did not see the full takedown of the criminal mass media; we didn’t see military tribunals for war crimes on TV; we didn’t see the full public exposure of the Covid genocide; we didn’t get relief from usury and taxation; we didn’t get justice for the 2020 election heist; we didn’t enjoy liberation from the toll of war; we didn’t see our persecutors face punishment; we didn’t find reunification with those lost to mind control. Those historic milestones await us still.

That said, a lot of tangible progress did happen. There is a clarity of the battlefield situation like never before, with ever more people aware of an occult conflict. The general outline of a vast covert war is obvious to anyone with the eyes to see and ears to hear. As one friend recounted to me last night, it is “everything but kinetic”, with evidence of active combat on endless fronts. We are coming to understand how deeply entrenched and deadly our enemy is, and that this war’s scope is almost beyond our imagination. Our experience of confronting its deceptive and iniquitous gatekeepers and enforcers keeps growing.

There is constant distress as we hear more of the death and injury toll, especially from gene therapy and nanotech assaults. We live under nonstop uncertainty about what poisons are still being thrown on, at, and into us. The barbaric propaganda continues to rip psyches apart: AI applied to search and social media seems to be the new machine gun, shredding minds with lies that pass right through our protective conscience. Scalar and direct energy weapons threaten our homes, coasts, and cities. Fresh bioweapons loom in the background. More and longer lockdowns are mooted. A financial collapse and reset looks close. Information control ramps up again. This is not easy to confront.

There are times when I have had to lie down for hours, and watch each worry arise, only to dismiss it and return to my breathing. Many of us are fighting internal battles to maintain the will to persevere and prevail. These struggles are incomprehensible to our close friends and loved ones who do not perceive the silent war. On good days I am fully present and able to take on the world. On bad days I am a wreck that has to rest and wait for it to pass. The energy to write essays like this waxes and wanes. Given all that you and I have been through, this is understandable.

The chronic pain of this war is less in the mind or body, and almost feels like it sits in one’s soul. The deceptions keep on splitting our world into fractures and fragments, inhibiting our efforts to reconcile everything into a single solidified reality. The example that comes to mind is sitting in a friend’s house, where the radio is on constantly. I can deconstruct all manipulations that keep those I care about trapped in a “low vibe”. It is like an overhead cost of being exposed to the worldly, a debt you carry for merely existing in a fallen world. The spiritual attack is subtle, cunning, and camouflaged, but once you see it, there is no choice but to be aware.

The longer this goes on, the more of my effort that goes on my mental and physical health, and the less on external pushback against the corrupt and criminal. To better look after myself, I have made some changes in my own life. My home in the north of England is a sanctuary of sobriety and good behaviour, even if I have not always maintained that high standard in all contexts. I continue my practice of daily walks, with a camera when I wish to bring one, and staying in a creative and grateful headspace. This gives me relief from the stress of being immersed in nonstop malfeasance by public officials, which sucks out my life force.

I have found physical health easier to prioritise than mental health, as the routines are more concrete and easily executed. I drink filtered water, I make superfood breakfasts, I eschew all seed oils, I cook with healthy fats, I eat more nutrient-dense meats, I buy the best organic food when I can, I have stopped buying most processed snacks, I sleep as long as I need, I cook from simple ingredients, I juice up fruit and veg but without too many oxalates, I take a few judiciously chosen supplements, I even don’t wear brain-frying earbuds so much as before. These small acts reinforce my own commitment to continue to care for my wellbeing. Even the habit of refilling the water filter has spiritual and mental benefits, reaffirming my own worth.

Meanwhile, the sapping dramas in life mainly seem to come from unwise choices of company. The most effective lever of control for an easier life to disassociate from those that want to suck you down, and only seek companionship to their own misery. Even when in good company with benevolent intentions, not everyone recognises the impact they have on you, which is unfortunate. As an introvert, I need a lot of time alone, yet without becoming isolated. There are many old associates I don’t hang out with, not because I have any beef with them, but because being in the vicinity of their pride or ignorance doesn’t serve my self-preservation. I am stronger for my experience, but also wounded from years of psychological war. They cannot yet respect my real trauma injuries.

There is a very obvious cultural shift going on right now with lots of people reducing or eliminating their alcohol and drug use, going to the gym to maintain their body without fetishising muscle mass, eliminating pharma from their life whenever possible, returning to simple foods and home gardens, ending their dependence on luxury goods or foreign jaunts for meaning, choosing to invest in a select local communities and activities, and rejecting all of the fabricated entertainments and distractions we previously embraced. It is a long process of detoxification from a culture and society constructed to harvest and harm us. It cannot happen quickly.

We are constantly torn between physically operating in the old world, while mentally inhabiting a new one, and spiritually searching for whatever is above it all. There is a tremendous sadness and grief on the one hand, as we come to realise what history has been hidden, what wonders have been withheld from us, and what terrors have been inflicted upon us. This is not the place to speculate, but the truth about humanity’s past and predicament does appear literally unbelievable, but that’s our policy choice, not a constraint on reality. Meanwhile, we live in the hope of a better future, yet not entirely certain if we have truly discerned the revelatory “harlot” from the “beast” in our optimism.

The year ahead looks crazy and chaotic in ways we have never experienced before. No matter how mad 2020 was, this is of a different order. The shift from fraud to force, as the old guard lose their grip, means we likely face destruction on multiple axes. While every outcome has been prepared for and mitigated to the maximum extent, the path to mass awakening and collective freedom is strewn with danger, and that is how it is. All we can control is our own internal state and reaction, with some influence over our immediate environment. The war of 2024 is firstly to be concerned for our own wellbeing, in an appropriately loving way. Be ready to value and protect yourself at all costs, as if still a child. For in a sense, we all are, no matter what age.