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Introducing Soulight: musical wellbeing software

Last year I co-authored a report on ‘Human Technology’, which proposes computing is in the midst of a paradigm shift beyond ‘Information Technology’. Its conclusion is that the leading edge of digital technology is in the engineering of feeling states and ethical outcomes.

The future of Internet “fast lanes” – quality assured ISPs

In this second part of my interview with Dr Neil Davies of Predictable Network Solutions Ltd, I explore the future of quality-assured broadband access. (For part one, see “How Wales got the first Internet ‘fast lane’”.)

How Wales got the first Internet ‘fast lane’

Imagine that someone had constructed the world’s most technically capable ISP, but practically nobody knew about it. They say that truth is stranger than fiction, so here is the true story of the world’s first quality-assured ISP. It was commissioned by the Welsh Assembly in 2006 to serve the needs of deaf people across Wales.

Kent Public Service Network: a template for telecoms success

An interview with Jon Aldington Kent Public Service Network is an exceptionally efficient network operator, in terms of the value it delivers from the resources it uses. Despite lacking the economies of scale of large national operators, it provides equivalent services for around 1/3 less cost. If replicated widely, this efficiency gain would be enough […]