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Passengers have “priority lanes”. Packets do not. Got it?

The inappropriate use of carriage metaphors for packet networks has led us to a place of regulatory insanity. We must return to reality, and quickly.

3 missing capabilities for a “lean quality” network revolution

The broadband industry is an immature one, and its basic science and engineering is still being established. Just as physical manufacturing went through a quality revolution in the second half of the 20th century, we are at the cusp of the same thing happening to “digital manufacturing”. This requires new core skills, since online experiences […]

The telecoms industry does not exist. Here is why.

I am, allegedly, an expert in telecoms. This is not possible, as the telecoms industry does not really exist. So what does exist?

12 reasons why Virtual Quality Networks (VQNs) are inevitable

There is a new telecoms and cloud industry growth sector, Virtual Quality Networks (VQNs). My belief is that VQNs are due to become as pervasive for enterprise users as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). They will be far more profitable as they are much more valuable. Here are a dozen reasons why VQNs are strong candidate […]

Broadband service quality: Rationing or markets?

White paper: “Net neutrality” is implicitly framed as a debate over how to deliver an equitable ration of quality to each broadband user and application. This is the wrong debate to have, since it is both technically impossible and economically unfair. We should instead be discussing how to create a transparent market for quality that […]

iPad Pro vs MacBook Pro Field test report

Every so often, I indulge myself with an off-topic article. Here’s a quick summary of my experience of temporarily using an iPad Pro in place of my usual MacBook Pro.