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Intervals to instants – The ultimate telecoms “game changer”

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – R. Buckminster Fuller The telecoms industry is facing a profound shift, comparable to digitisation in the 1970s and cellular in the 1990s. It is moving to networks that match supply to demand under […]

Truth is freedom – Living with “unreality collapse”

My life has involved a number of challenging situations where I had to pick between alternate and mutually exclusive realities being presented to me. Doing so has involved the pain of relinquishing a false reality. In the process of doing so, I have come to learn how to cope with “unreality collapse”, and indeed to […]

The Big Decision that every telco and equipment vendor faces

The user experience of packet networks is an instantaneous phenomenon. The common industry performance metrics fail to reflect this fact. As a result, we cannot adequately measure, model or manage the user experience. Are you ready for The Big Decision?

Sprint’s WAM project – The story of how I got into telecoms

This is the story of Sprint’s pioneering, and failed, effort to become the first telco to turn itself into an open application and business platform. The story starts in 1999 in Dublin, Ireland during a warm and pleasant summer.

Five handy tips for better email exchanges

Over three decades of using email I have picked up a few useful habits that are worth sharing.

Oops! How did we miss something so basic?

We have been trying to build packet networks without having a basic and essential mathematical concept. This matters. A lot.

Why don’t we have peak and off-peak pricing for broadband?

Packets are not people, and the concept of “peak hour” doesn’t really work for a medium whose properties vary extremely fast.

Why telecoms must overcome its culture of physicism

The telecoms business has built its success on the back on advances in physics. This is turning into a cultural liability as it becomes a component of a distributed computing services industry.

Martin’s May Day

It’s my birthday today, 1st May. I am still closer to the landmark nerd birthday of 32 rather than the next one at 64, but not by much. As it is my day of indulgence, I would like to ask for a gift from you.