Archives for January 2017

Brand suicide case study: British Airways

When a company like British Airways gets its customer journey wrong and suffers from an identity crisis, there are useful strategy lessons for players in the telecoms industry. In particular, it highlights the nature and challenge of designing a management system with the right methodologies, metrics and mindset. Are your “First Class lunch menus” upside-down […]

Telecoms is dying. Yippee!

The telecoms industry is like the vinyl record or CD, a much-loved format that is reaching the end of its life. We are about to see it become subsumed into a wider distributed computing, communications and commerce industry.

Can a banana compute?

My teenage daughter was asking me about the philosophical nature of networking and computing. Here I share my answer to one of her tougher questions.

The Prophet of Telecoms, Communications and Voice (apparently!)

I have been interviewed for Irish radio on tech innovation, and you can listen to the podcast.

The Chinese dim sum restaurant door lady problem

What can the lady who controls admission and seating in a Chinese restaurant tell us about telecoms networks?

If slate comes in standard sizes, why not broadband?

Why does that broadband industry, supposedly a “high technology” one, lag behind old and largely defunct industries that now have reach the “museum piece” stage?