Archives for March 2016

The struggle to make software-defined quality of service (SD-QoS)

Nearly decade ago, I was busy using the Telco 2.0 platform to preach visions (mixed in with occasional hallucinations) of strategic telecoms futures. I explained [PDF] how the the industry needed to “slice and dice” its network resources up into different quantities and qualities.

The strange structure of ISP service semantics

I have been having a number of conversations recently with several clients and colleagues about “semantics”. It’s clear that there is not a lot of clarity on this philosophical subject! Whilst is may be an obscure issue, it is a very important one. Our ideas lead us to take actions, and if we want those […]

Who will build the Human Operating System?

Your computer doesn’t hate you. It can’t. It just doesn’t care. It’s a bit like a cat: vaguely aware of your presence, but unattached to you, and generally unconcerned for your feelings. That’s all about to change. We’re at the beginning of a fundamental reinvention of computing.

The new discipline of Digital Experience Quality

Interview with Dave Page, CEO, Actual Experience – specialists in Digital Experience Quality For several years, I have been writing about how broadband services need to become more outcome-led. Thankfully this has become a less lonesome task over time. As such, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dave Page, CEO and Co-Founder of Actual Experience, who are […]

Introducing ‘Hyper Wellbeing’: the next big tech revolution

One of the most extraordinary and ambitious conferences is being put on by my friend and colleague Lee S Dryburgh. He is launching the Hyper Wellbeing event which will run in Mountain View, CA, from November 14-16.

Escape from Europe’s broadband regulation nightmare

As a result of intense lobbying, the EU has passed a set of populist ‘net neutrality’ laws as Regulation (EU) 2015/2120. These laws promote a false doctrine of fairness to packets, in the name of ‘non-discrimination’. This confuses an unintentional allocation of resources to packets with intentional justice for people.

Welcome to Notflix! Your streaming-free ISP with the best QoE!

It has been widely taken as “obvious” that a “no blocking” rule for ISPs is a good regulatory policy. Is this really the case? Does it save consumers from harm…or cause harm?

‘Net neutrality’ reading list

Science guidance for policymakers I was recently asked by a client to pull together a reading list on ‘net neutrality’. Below is the download link to the resulting PDF, plus a copy of the text for those who simply prefer to scroll. I picked out the three most important things to read, with various supporting […]