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Quality Arbitrage – Who will be the ‘Uber of telecoms’?

What is ‘quality arbitrage’? When networks went from circuits to packets, they gained a huge increase in efficiency. This was done by sharing the transmission resource more intensively through ‘statistical multiplexing’. At present, all telcos are holding the risks of statistical multiplexing without extracting the corresponding quality of experience (QoE) value. This is because the very […]

Did we build the ‘right’ Internet?

An interview with Prof Andrew Russell The longer I have been in the tech industry, the more I have come to appreciate the hidden complexity and subtlety of its past. A book that caught my attention is Open Standards and the Digital Age by Prof Andrew Russell of Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey. This important work shines […]

Contextual comms in agriculture

An Interview with Bruce Rasa, AgVoice The frontier of IT isn’t necessarily found in Silicon Valley, at least not now its fruit orchards are long gone. Since necessity is the mother of invention, those who continue to harvest from capricious Mother Nature have found an ongoing need for innovation.

How ∆Q metrics helped BT to save £millions

∆Q is not only a breakthrough in terms of the science of network performance. It also is transformational to capital and operational costs. Here is one case study from BT Operate (from 2012) to illustrate. If you want to make similar large savings, learn how by coming to my ∆Q workshop in San Francisco next week.

So, who are you, Martin Geddes?

I have been writing this newsletter for a couple of years now. It struck me today that some readers might enjoy my personal and professional story. My intention is not to write a narcissistic autobiography, but rather to contextualise my other writing.