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Fit for Purpose Broadband for Business

I joined Hank Hultquist of AT&T, a leader in network policy and regulatory affairs in a Phoneword forum webinar.  The topic of discussion was “Fit for purpose broadband for business”.

There is no quality in averages

I have uploaded a tweaked and annotated version of my presentation today at IPX Summit. Summary: We’re using the wrong metrics to describe “success” in building quality-assured broadband services. As a result we don’t deliver success, either in terms of cost or performance. If we change our metrics to ones that reflect the customer experience, […]

Why Talko is worth talking about

I don’t usually review products or services, as my job in life is to ignore the market noise and find the deeper truths that can guide us. Today I’m making an exception to that rule, because I think a new product is a potential game-changer that is worth watching closely. A few weeks ago I […]

Interview: Dr Ghislaine Caulat on Virtual Leadership

What are the skills required to lead teams in a distributed virtual environment? A few years ago I came across the brilliant work of Ghislaine Caulat through her doctoral thesis at Ashridge Business School. Her core insight is both simple and profound: to lead remote workers in a virtual paradigm is a fundamentally new skill. […]