Archives for June 2014

Over-provisioning bandwidth doesn’t solve QoE problems

The chart below is, I believe, one of the more important ones ever produced in the history of packet networking. It was generated by my colleagues at Predictable Network Solutions Ltd, based on measurements taken from Kent Public Service Network (KPSN), and reproduced with their kind permission. It is the first publishable direct comparison of […]

There is no quality in averages: IPX case study

Here is a crate of apples. Nice, aren’t they? Don’t they all look smooth and shiny! What if I told you that the average apple in this crate was only picked a week ago? So fresh, too!

How is network neutrality like pigeons playing chess?

The idea of “network neutrality” has been in the news a lot recently. Rather than address it directly, I want to offer you some thinking tools to help position the whole debate in the right place in your head. I have read Nassim Taleb’s brilliant Antifragile, together with other writing of his. He uses three […]

Where are the “structural engineers” for broadband?

Imagine you are walking out of the elevator on the 57th floor of a skyscraper. You turn to the right, and in front of you is the glass wall of the building. Beyond that is a magnificent view of the city, and many other tall buildings around. How do you feel? Inspired? Awed? Or absolutely […]