Amazon torpedoes telephony. So where are the new telco products?

Amazon has, to nobody’s surprise, turned Alexa into the universal speaker phone. Telcos should be ashamed of their lack of relevant access products.

Five handy tips for better email exchanges

Over three decades of using email I have picked up a few useful habits that are worth sharing.

Why telecoms is broken (and how to fix it)

The core of the telecoms industry has an economic and technical disconnect between user value and network economics. The underlying issue is a misplaced priority of quantity over quality. The first step to fixing the disconnect is to become aware of it.

The ten commandments of lean telco transformation

The path to “lean” operation is one that delivers both better customer outcomes and lower costs. The general principles are no secret, yet they have not been translated to the specific nature of telecoms networks, and hence are not yet adopted in our industry.

Telecoms is dying. Yippee!

The telecoms industry is like the vinyl record or CD, a much-loved format that is reaching the end of its life. We are about to see it become subsumed into a wider distributed computing, communications and commerce industry.

Can a banana compute?

My teenage daughter was asking me about the philosophical nature of networking and computing. Here I share my answer to one of her tougher questions.