Ten fallacies about broadband service quality assurance

Since broadband is an immature business and quality-assured services are rarer than rocking horse manure, many fallacies abound in the resulting information vacuum.

Is your broadband network “upside-down” too?

The newness of broadband means our ideas of how packet networks should be built have yet to withstand the test of time. How can we know if our professional knowledge is wisdom or folly?

Let’s face facts: we need a new Industrial Internet

The Prototype Internet is not fit-for-purpose for the future applications we have in mind. It cannot be fixed. We must engage with the upgrade process to design and deploy an Industrial Internet. This is a leap comparable to the one from canals to railroads.

The Chinese dim sum restaurant door lady problem

What can the lady who controls admission and seating in a Chinese restaurant tell us about telecoms networks?

If slate comes in standard sizes, why not broadband?

Why does that broadband industry, supposedly a “high technology” one, lag behind old and largely defunct industries that now have reach the “museum piece” stage?

Where is the standard ‘socket’ for broadband?

When you plug into a broadband socket, what you are accessing is a distributed computing service that supplies information exchange. What is the service description and interface definition? For inspiration, we can look at the UK power plug.

Rethinking the quality management system for telecoms

A significant barrier to progress in telecoms is not network technology, IT systems, or the products on offer. It is pervasive and invisible: the management system in use, and its implied paradigm for quality control.

The Internet needs a security and performance upgrade

The recent Internet outages caused by the DDoS attack on Dyn’s infrastructure highlights deep architectural issues that need resolution. Security and performance are intertwined, and both need fundamental upgrades.

The journey to broadband experience visibility and control

The broadband industry is struggling to gain visibility and control over the experience it delivers to customers. How to bridge the ideal into the present reality, and provide a realistic path to upgrade our capability to define and deliver service quality?

My response to BEREC consultation on ‘net neutrality’ guidelines

To BEREC Board of Regulators Consultation on document BoR (16) 94 Dear Sir/Madam, I am a computer scientist who specialises in network performance. I consult to tier 1 operators, equipment vendors and NRAs. I am also involved in the technical and commercial development of quality-assured broadband services.I have undertaken (in my own time and at my own […]