LinkedIn or LockedIn? Why I deleted my account

LinkedIn has violated my personal mores for ethical business behaviour, so I have deleted my account. Here’s why I did it (regardless of the short-term cost to myself and my career).

My top ten heroines and heroes

Who we idolise reveals something valuable about us. Here are some of the people whose lives and works have inspired me.

Who will build the Human Operating System?

Your computer doesn’t hate you. It can’t. It just doesn’t care. It’s a bit like a cat: vaguely aware of your presence, but unattached to you, and generally unconcerned for your feelings. That’s all about to change. We’re at the beginning of a fundamental reinvention of computing.

The new discipline of Digital Experience Quality

Interview with Dave Page, CEO, Actual Experience – specialists in Digital Experience Quality For several years, I have been writing about how broadband services need to become more outcome-led. Thankfully this has become a less lonesome task over time. As such, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dave Page, CEO and Co-Founder of Actual Experience, who are […]

Introducing ‘Hyper Wellbeing’: the next big tech revolution

One of the most extraordinary and ambitious conferences is being put on by my friend and colleague Lee S Dryburgh. He is launching the Hyper Wellbeing event which will run in Mountain View, CA, from November 14-16.

Escape from Europe’s broadband regulation nightmare

As a result of intense lobbying, the EU has passed a set of populist ‘net neutrality’ laws as Regulation (EU) 2015/2120. These laws promote a false doctrine of fairness to packets, in the name of ‘non-discrimination’. This confuses an unintentional allocation of resources to packets with intentional justice for people.

Welcome to Notflix! Your streaming-free ISP with the best QoE!

It has been widely taken as “obvious” that a “no blocking” rule for ISPs is a good regulatory policy. Is this really the case? Does it save consumers from harm…or cause harm?

‘Net neutrality’ reading list

Science guidance for policymakers I was recently asked by a client to pull together a reading list on ‘net neutrality’. Below is the download link to the resulting PDF, plus a copy of the text for those who simply prefer to scroll. I picked out the three most important things to read, with various supporting […]

A new kind of network: RINA progress update

An interview with Dr Eduard Grasa, i2CAT Recursive InterNet Architecture (RINA) is a “return to fundamentals” redesign of data networking. (For an introduction, see my 2013 article “TCP/IP vs RINA”.) I interviewed Eduard Grasa of Fundacio i2CAT, a research centre in Barcelona. Eduard is a member of the European network research community who is actively leading cutting-edge research.

Mobile is not everything (and that’s OK)

As I type these words, I am perched on one of the benches in the main thoroughfare of the cavernous venue hosting Mobile World Congress (MWC). Above me is a video screen warning me of the perils of the infamous local pickpockets, so I know I’m definitely in Barcelona!