Announcing digital20: Take back control of your data and identity!

You wouldn’t put your money in a bank that allowed deposits but not withdrawals. So why do you allow it with your most intimate and personal data?

Best of 2017

As is now traditional every year, here is the summary of the newsletters of the past 12 months.

The future of everything digital: Gordon Cook interviews Martin Geddes

A maestro of the Internet cognoscenti, Gordon Cook, has interviewed me, a minnow of the Internet commentariat.

Why I am optimistic about the future

The world seems to be in turmoil, with widespread fear, violence, and chaos. I see powerful forces for good, notably the Internet, displacing evil.

iPad Pro vs MacBook Pro Field test report

Every so often, I indulge myself with an off-topic article. Here’s a quick summary of my experience of temporarily using an iPad Pro in place of my usual MacBook Pro.

LinkedIn or LockedIn? Why I deleted my account

LinkedIn has violated my personal mores for ethical business behaviour, so I have deleted my account. Here’s why I did it (regardless of the short-term cost to myself and my career).

My top ten heroines and heroes

Who we idolise reveals something valuable about us. Here are some of the people whose lives and works have inspired me.

Who will build the Human Operating System?

Your computer doesn’t hate you. It can’t. It just doesn’t care. It’s a bit like a cat: vaguely aware of your presence, but unattached to you, and generally unconcerned for your feelings. That’s all about to change. We’re at the beginning of a fundamental reinvention of computing.

The new discipline of Digital Experience Quality

Interview with Dave Page, CEO, Actual Experience – specialists in Digital Experience Quality For several years, I have been writing about how broadband services need to become more outcome-led. Thankfully this has become a less lonesome task over time. As such, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dave Page, CEO and Co-Founder of Actual Experience, who are […]

Introducing ‘Hyper Wellbeing’: the next big tech revolution

One of the most extraordinary and ambitious conferences is being put on by my friend and colleague Lee S Dryburgh. He is launching the Hyper Wellbeing event which will run in Mountain View, CA, from November 14-16.