Using the ΔQ calculus to model blockchain scalability

Blockchain is a distributed application whose longevity depends upon it being scalable. How can we know if we’re betting on a winner? Use ∆Q calculus!

QoS vs SoQ: How we got network quality backwards

First steps are fateful. Because we have unhelpfully categorised quality, subsequent attempts to engineer it in packet networks have run into trouble.

The 5 steps to scientific network management

Why is broadband so unreliable compared to every other utility service we consume? Because it is not scientifically managed! Here is the way forward…

Where is the governor for packet networks?

The progress of steam power was dependent on being able to regulate flow via a pressure governor. Networking has yet to learn this lesson.

Jasenka Rapajic interview: airlines vs telcos — networked industry strategic parallels

Jasenka Rapajic has interviewed me on how to apply the lessons from network performance in telecoms to airline networks, and the industry parallels.

Gordon Cook interviews Martin Geddes on the future of the Internet

Gordon Cook has published Cook Report on Internet since 1992, and runs the (in)famous Architecture and Economics of IP Networks private mailing list.

High-fidelity network measurement – demand survey

Are you looking to upgrade your network performance monitoring and customer experience management to high-fidelity measurements? If so, let me know.

More network quality measurements with ∆Q metrics

I am having fun running around taking measurements of broadband access using high-fidelity ∆Q metrics. Here are a few readings I have recently taken.

Software has already eaten telecoms (it just has indigestion)

The unconscious and near-universal belief is that packet networks are a telecoms service, and one that constructs an ‘additive’ resource called ‘bandwidth’. This is demonstrably technically false. They deliver distributed computing services, as they calculate how to divide up an underlying telecoms transmission resource.

The one reason net neutrality can’t be implemented

Whilst people argue over the virtues of net neutrality as a regulatory policy, computer science tells us regulatory implementation is a fool’s errand.