Greatest Hits 2012-2017

I have collated all my key content from the last five years into a single resource page.

The next ARM is a networking company

The smartphone revolution is only possible because we broke the trade-off of low power consumption and high performance. This was achieved through the application of superior science and elegant engineering. A similar jump awaits the networking industry, but only if we can nurture the new mathematics and architectures from obscurity to the mainstream.

We are all UMs on the journey of life

No matter how grown-up any of us is or feels, we are all vulnerable inside, and seek reassurance and refuge from worry. How can businesses up their game on engineering positive feelings and avoiding bad experiences? Maybe we can glean some insight from how airlines treat their most precious cargo, children travelling alone.

Does telecoms have a penis problem?

In a male-dominated industry run through hierarchical masculine domination games, the feminine gets squeezed out. This stains the telecoms industry with a residual “penis problem”.

How to make money from telecoms

Are you a schmuck ripe for ripping off at the telecoms network casino? If you want to win at a game of chance, it’s really helpful to know which side you are on, the rules, and the odds. The abandonment of proper engineering has left the telecoms industry wide open to attack by people playing “network […]

WaaS opportunity for mobile, IoT and the personal information economy

Announcing a new workshop on the future of mobile, which we believe is Wellness as a Service (WaaS). This is brought to you as a joint venture between Martin Geddes and Lee S Dryburgh, founder of the Hyper Wellbeing initiative.

NEW! MAGICAL! Telco service quality glasses and gloves!

All your network performance and user experience quality problems can be resolved if you buy a set of my NEW glasses and MAGICAL gloves!

Brand suicide case study: British Airways

When a company like British Airways gets its customer journey wrong and suffers from an identity crisis, there are useful strategy lessons for players in the telecoms industry. In particular, it highlights the nature and challenge of designing a management system with the right methodologies, metrics and mindset. Are your “First Class lunch menus” upside-down […]

The Prophet of Telecoms, Communications and Voice (apparently!)

I have been interviewed for Irish radio on tech innovation, and you can listen to the podcast.

What Is Your Voice Privacy Debt?

Specialists in secure and private voice transcription, Copytalk LLC, have commissioned the Hypervoice Consortium to write a paper on the issue of using personal voice assistants in industries with strong compliance needs.