Vodafone positions ∆Q as the solution to “next-generation quality”

Telecoms is reorienting itself from selling bandwidth (i.e. quantity) to managed latency (i.e. quality), as a new Vodafone website article demonstrates.

Why telecoms business transformation is hard

Telecoms is one of the last industries to move from a “supply push” model to a “demand pull” one. We’re lagging because the task is particularly hard.

Conference report Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications 2017

I blagged my way into the rather good #URLLC2017 today. Here’s a quick synopsis of what’s going on, and my take on it, together with notes on each talk.

Why 5G is in trouble (and how to fix it)

5G has lots of clever radio engineers making a better radio network. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just the key constraint now lies elsewhere.

Vodafone publishes high-fidelity network measurements using ∆Q metrics

Vodafone has published network data using state-of-the-art high-fidelity measurement and ∆Q metrics. I highlight some of the key slides.

Fundamentals of Network Performance handbook now on sale

The distilled insight of the world’s top network performance experts is now available for purchase in handbook form. All profits go to a good cause.

Let’s play “spot the end user”

Some industries are focused on the end user’s experience, and some, well, are less experientially inclined. How is telecoms doing? Let’s see…

Stationarity is the new speed

The broadband industry has a lot of unhappy customers complaining about poor speed. They should instead be asking for better stationarity. Here’s why.

A scientifically sound resource model for software-defined networking (SDN)

The matching of network supply and demand under software control requires defining and quantifying the resource. So what is a good resource model?

A “Packet Time” standard for the telecoms industry

The telecoms industry is automating a failed technical and business model. An external reality insists that change must happen to a common “Packet Time” standard. Your choice is to jump or get pushed (or maybe squashed). Which do you want?