What might an Internet of Loving Kindness look like?

“The Internet” is a generic descriptive term for a rather useful, if frustratingly imperfect, online experience. The “Internet of Things” takes this in an unhealthy direction, dehumanising the world as it digitises it. Let’s build an “Internet of Loving Kindness” instead.

Best of 2016

Thank you for reading my work in 2016, and I look forward to offering you more fresh thinking in 2017. Here is a summary of the content I have produced in the past year. If you find value in what I write, the best gift you can give to me in return is to ask your […]

The lean and anti fragile data centre – part 4

In this final part of my interview with Pete Cladingbowl we examine what the future might look like once the telecoms industry finally emerges from its ‘lean’ revolution, and masters the management of flow.

The lean and antifragile data centre – part 3

In this third part of my interview with Pete Cladingbowl we consider how the current Internet may be transcended with richer architectures and models that better align to physical and social reality.

The lean and anti fragile data centre – part 2

In this second part of my interview with Pete Cladingbowl we explore how the data centre industry still has much to learn in terms of managing flows of value. The quality control techniques are well known in other industries, but often have yet to be applied.

The lean and antifragile data centre – part 1

Cloud is a new technology domain, and data centre engineering is still a developing discipline. I have interviewed a top expert in cloud infrastructure, Pete Cladingbowl. He has a vision of the ‘lean’ data centre and a better kind of Internet for users to reach it. He also has a roadmap for how these can be […]

Why Hyper Wellbeing is the future of mobile: Part 2

Part 2: The networked renaissance This continues the second part of my interview with Lee S Dryburgh, the event founder of the Hyper Wellbeing conference in Silicon Valley on November 14-16.

New revenue models for the ‘software telco’

I was recently asked how telcos might come up with new business models for a world where all resources are under software control. The core idea is to match network supply and demand in space and time (and at all timescales). I’ve typed up my notes for the curious to critique.

Who will build the Human Operating System?

Your computer doesn’t hate you. It can’t. It just doesn’t care. It’s a bit like a cat: vaguely aware of your presence, but unattached to you, and generally unconcerned for your feelings. That’s all about to change. We’re at the beginning of a fundamental reinvention of computing.

Did we build the ‘right’ Internet?

An interview with Prof Andrew Russell The longer I have been in the tech industry, the more I have come to appreciate the hidden complexity and subtlety of its past. A book that caught my attention is Open Standards and the Digital Age by Prof Andrew Russell of Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey. This important work shines […]