Conference notes – Personal Information Economy 2017

I attended Ctrl-Shift’s Personal Information Economy 2017 conference in London on Monday. Here I share my insights and notes on the speaker talks.

No more automated suicide notes, please

The art of computer programming needs to put human concerns front & centre. That means software engineering needs to be reformed around new questions.

A scientifically sound resource model for SDN

The video of my presentation at SDN NFV World Congress is now available. In it I argue that the core resource model inevitably has to change.

Scientific Network Management for Cloud Computing

You are invited to join your industry peers at a pioneering workshop that turns breakthrough science into new industry quality management practises.

How to end the endless blame game?

Our struggle to build engineered broadband services has resulted in an endless blame game between industry players. How to blow the final whistle?

Jasenka Rapajic interview: airlines vs telcos — networked industry strategic parallels

Jasenka Rapajic has interviewed me on how to apply the lessons from network performance in telecoms to airline networks, and the industry parallels.

Is the future of networking workarounds or engineering?

The history of packet data has a long list of workarounds to address our problems of quality and performance. That’s not sustainable, so will change.

Why 5G is in trouble (and how to fix it)

5G has lots of clever radio engineers making a better radio network. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just the key constraint now lies elsewhere.

I want my digital frozen peas

We have frozen peas for dinner because the electricity supply is reliable and consistent. Why can’t broadband be just like the power utility?

Gordon Cook interviews Martin Geddes on the future of the Internet

Gordon Cook has published Cook Report on Internet since 1992, and runs the (in)famous Architecture and Economics of IP Networks private mailing list.