Introduction to network quality arbitrage

Every IP network will at times offer too much quality for too little money, creating an arbitrage opportunity. This presentation gives an introduction to the concept and how network operators can respond.

Greatest Hits 2012-2017

I have collated all my key content from the last five years into a single resource page.

A manifesto for broadband Britain after Brexit

A UK general election has been called for June. How should the next government approach the issue of broadband policy? Which way does the future take us? I offer some tentative answers…

One hour guided tour of quality attenuation science

Are you responsible for engineering application performance, or operating a network service and care about quality? If so, then I have an “instant professional insight upgrade” to offer to you.

What might an Internet of Loving Kindness look like?

“The Internet” is a generic descriptive term for a rather useful, if frustratingly imperfect, online experience. The “Internet of Things” takes this in an unhealthy direction, dehumanising the world as it digitises it. Let’s build an “Internet of Loving Kindness” instead.

The next ARM is a networking company

The smartphone revolution is only possible because we broke the trade-off of low power consumption and high performance. This was achieved through the application of superior science and elegant engineering. A similar jump awaits the networking industry, but only if we can nurture the new mathematics and architectures from obscurity to the mainstream.

The IETF’s job is complete – Should it now scale up, down or out?

The IETF has the final day of its 98th meeting in Chicago today (Friday 31 Mar), far away from here in Vilnius. The Internet is maturing and becoming indispensable to modern life, and is transitioning to industrial types of use. Are the IETF’s methods fit-for-purpose for the future, and if not, what to do about […]

The future of networking

I have summarised my last seven years of work in one slide.

Why telecoms is broken (and how to fix it)

The core of the telecoms industry has an economic and technical disconnect between user value and network economics. The underlying issue is a misplaced priority of quantity over quality. The first step to fixing the disconnect is to become aware of it.

The ten commandments of lean telco transformation

The path to “lean” operation is one that delivers both better customer outcomes and lower costs. The general principles are no secret, yet they have not been translated to the specific nature of telecoms networks, and hence are not yet adopted in our industry.