Stationarity is the new speed

The broadband industry has a lot of unhappy customers complaining about poor speed. They should instead be asking for better stationarity. Here’s why.

A scientifically sound resource model for software-defined networking (SDN)

The matching of network supply and demand under software control requires defining and quantifying the resource. So what is a good resource model?

Is computer science a bad idea?

We send our kids off to do degree courses in “computer science”, thinking that we’re doing them a favour. Maybe the opposite is true? Here’s why…

Amazon torpedoes telephony. So where are the new telco products?

Amazon has, to nobody’s surprise, turned Alexa into the universal speaker phone. Telcos should be ashamed of their lack of relevant access products.

How to build an Internet that is “moral by design”?

The current Internet is amoral at best, and immoral at worst, in how it respects core human needs for privacy and self-sovereign identity. Let’s fix it.

Fab or f#^*%d? How to tell if your broadband is any good

How can broadband users select a supplier that is good for their needs? How can regulators ensure that there is an open and transparent market with rewards for better quality? How can customers hold their broadband service provider to account for the performance on offer? I am so glad you asked! Here’s how…

High-fidelity network measurement – demand survey

Are you looking to upgrade your network performance monitoring and customer experience management to high-fidelity measurements? If so, let me know.

Introducing the Virtual Quality Network

Virtual Quality Networks (VQNs) are a new category of network infrastructure. Just like how VPNs isolate sensitive traffic based on security needs, VQNs isolate important traffic based on quality needs. In this tech talk we explore what a VQN is, how they work, and how they can help you.

VUC webinar recording

This webinar recording explores the transition from broadband Internet access to cloud application access, and how VQN services from Just Right Networks Ltd enable assured quality for voice and video.

Stop drinking the 5G bathwater

The telecoms industry is fatally caught between reinventing circuits with 5G, and an envy of vertical application businesses. Survival is not mandatory.