Archives for February 2017

Let’s face facts: we need a new Industrial Internet

The Prototype Internet is not fit-for-purpose for the future applications we have in mind. It cannot be fixed. We must engage with the upgrade process to design and deploy an Industrial Internet. This is a leap comparable to the one from canals to railroads.

My top ten heroines and heroes

Who we idolise reveals something valuable about us. Here are some of the people whose lives and works have inspired me.

WaaS opportunity for mobile, IoT and the personal information economy

Announcing a new workshop on the future of mobile, which we believe is Wellness as a Service (WaaS). This is brought to you as a joint venture between Martin Geddes and Lee S Dryburgh, founder of the Hyper Wellbeing initiative.

NEW! MAGICAL! Telco service quality glasses and gloves!

All your network performance and user experience quality problems can be resolved if you buy a set of my NEW glasses and MAGICAL gloves!