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Vodafone positions ∆Q as the solution to “next-generation quality”

I do like it when Christmas comes early! Vodafone has put out a rather significant piece of PR about ∆Q. For newcomers, ∆Q-based network technology is to 5G what CDMA was to 3G: core innovation based on algebra that hardly anyone understands, but absolutely everyone needs.

The 5 steps to scientific network management

At last Friday’s sell-out and successful Scientific Network Management for Cloud Computing workshop, I asked the audience four simple questions:

The 3 things everyone should do to humanise customer service calls

Given all the talk of automation, robotics and artificial intelligence, it is easy to lose sight of the human. This is especially so when talking to a customer service agent, whose task is often to follow predefined policies and scripts without deviation.

A new Internet for a new society

Evil is real: I have seen it firsthand, and felt it by proxy. At some point people of good conscience shout “enough!”. When they decide to act, nothing can stop them. We are now at that point in our civilisation.

Where is the governor for packet networks?

Personally speaking, I don’t particularly fancy being scalded to death. It doesn’t sound like a fabulous way to exit this life. Being drowned in a vat of premium quality liquefied dark chocolate, possibly. But having my skin ripped off by high-pressure steam venting at supersonic speeds isn’t enticing.

Why telecoms business transformation is hard

Telecoms is one of the last industries to move from a “supply push” model to a “demand pull” one. We’re lagging because the task is particularly hard.

Banking, airlines, telecoms: the demons of disruption are dancing

I attended a seminar on Open Banking this morning hosted by Ctrl-Shift. Several seemingly stable industries share similar structural contradictions.

My new Patreon offers E-book, live webinar, discussion group, thinking partner

I am pleased to announce four new ways in which to become a supporter of my work via Patreon, each of which offers you something of value in return.

Conference report Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications 2017

I blagged my way into the rather good #URLLC2017 today. Here’s a quick synopsis of what’s going on, and my take on it, together with notes on each talk.

There really is one network metric to rule them all!

What makes network management so hard? We have lots of metrics, and they’re all less than ideal. So let’s use the single ideal one instead!